If you are not sure about something, please read this Q&A first. If you still dont find what you need to know, dont hesitate to contact me for any more information before making payment. I want you to be happy with this purchasing.
Most of my work is priced considerably low (if not the Cheapest In The World Of Its Kind) for the amount of time, thought, effort and heart put into the process of accumulating materials, designing, woodworking, metal refurbishing etc. It is only fair that I do not issue returns or refunds.
I will however do anything humanly possible to assure you are stoked with your purchase. If you are interested in an item, but are unsure of the color, dimensions, condition, etc, just ask! It is my pleasure to assist you in making a decision of buying or passing on something I’ve made. I have no problem answering your questions, sending additional photographs…. until you are rest assured that every thing is well handled.
Payment will be taken in full at the time of the order.
We currently accept:
– Money Wire Transfer (with EXTRA MORE 5% DISCOUNT for you). Email us for our bank account details to make payment. Money may take 3-5 working days to get to my bank account. We will make immediately confirmation when it comes then process order.
– Paypal (no discount because Paypal charges us processing fee of 4.4%). If you dont want that extra more 5% discount then make payment for products you choose below.










Wandering in old forests, from Vietnam to other countries, feel the fresh green, discover the wonderful things.
Feeling and enjoy the bone-chilling coldness, challenging the snow-capped Nepalese mountains.
Breathing air of the sea, conquering fierce waves. Diving watching the deep sea world with white fish, multi colored coral reefs, …